Enamel Mug + Campkin Set

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Our Enamel Mugs and Campkins are with us on every adventure. Each provide versatility allowing us to cut back on extra gear and save some space. Enamel Mugs are not only great for food and drinks, you can even boil water in them over an open flame. The Campkin can be used as a napkin, dishcloth, washcloth, sun protector, bandanna, flag, sling, bandage, trail marker and more. Eliminate the need for wasteful paper towels or a typical cotton towel taking up all the space in your bag. This Set is only available for a limited time only...so grab one while you can!

Set Includes: 2 Enamel Mugs (1 River Blue, 1 Cream) and 3 Campkins (Sky Blue, Olive, Red)

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