550 Paracord - 100 ft 3-Pack

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We never leave home without our 550 Paracord. It's the ultimate tool to have in your day pack, survival pack or around your wrist. There are literally hundreds of uses for Paracord, everything from securing your tent, creating a clothesline or replacing a broken shoe lace. You can even tease out the internal strands and use as sewing thread or fishing line in a pinch. The possibilities are endless.

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    • 3 coils of 100 ft. 550 Paracord (300 ft. total)
    • 4mm Diameter
    • 7 Strand Core
    • 32 Strand Nylon Sheath
    • 550 lb. Maximum Break Test Strength
    3-Pack Includes
    • 1 coil of 100 ft. Blue Camo
    • 1 coil of 100 ft. Classic Camo
    • 1 coil of 100 ft. Desert Foliage

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