New Limited Camp Chairs

New Limited Camp Chairs

We are pretty pumped to announce two new Limited Edition Camp Chairs to our lineup. One of our most popular asks was for an all Black Camp Chair, and we delivered even making the legs matte black instead of our standard anodized aluminum. The second Limited option is our Marron and Forest Green Two-Tone. This is my new favorite chair as the colors just pop, yet remain subtle around the campfire.

New Pockets

kawartha camp chair side pocketAll of our camp chairs have been updated to include new side pockets. When we launched the Kawartha Camp Chair we thought it was as close to perfect as we could make it. However, we tried hard to find ways to improve it, and we did. The two new pockets all you to hold your phone, flashlight or keys securely. I have been known to squeeze a can into those pockets so they can unofficially double as cup holders.

We hope you love the new colors and the updated pockets. We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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