Did someone say FREE camping?

Did someone say FREE camping?

Sunset @ Wild Willys Hotsprings

Whoever said, "there ain't no such thing as a free lunch" might want to revisit their statement because we have proved them wrong. At least if you're looking for a free campsite that is. On a recent trip to the Sierras, we stumbled across a little spot in the Mammoth Lakes region of California called Wild Willys Hot Springs, located within Bureau of Land Management area (or BLM Land). The scenery, combined with a soak in the hot springs and the fact that it was completely free, put this campsite in our top 10.

After a soak in the springs, we found the perfect spot to park the truck, pitch our tents, and watch the sun set over the mountains. We were also allowed to have a campfire in the makeshift rock campfire pit. A fire permit is required but is easily attainable through the local BLM office or online at no cost as well.

Pork Shoulder Tacos

Once settled in, our camp neighbor, Biscuit (aka Bill), came by to introduce himself and shared some of his experienced camper wisdom. Biscuit has been living on the road for the last 5 years and for the most part, only utilizes free camping. We were all pretty excited to learn that so many opportunities existed. One source for determining where he sets up camp is freecampsites.net which we were able to check out once we got home. There are literally free campsites across North America, in every state as well as across the globe.

Another amazing sunset shot

Free camping, referred to as dispersed camping or boondocking, typically lacks the amenities of a paysite such as running water or bathrooms. However, these sites are often less traveled and offer the peace and privacy people are looking for when camping. Freecampsites.net as well as a handful of other sites we found provided reviews, directions, pictures and all sorts of other insider info to help you on your adventures.

We will definitely be taking a nod from Biscuit the next time we hit the road!

Biscuit and Blake

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