Top Camp Stoves for Every Kind of Camper

Top Camp Stoves for Every Kind of Camper

Whether you’re a backpacker or a weekend car camper, nothing is more satisfying then a warm meal in nature at the end of the day. Choosing a camp stove can be a confusing decision. There are many options and pro’s and con’s for each stove. Perhaps the first question to ask yourself is what kind of camping (or cooking) are you going to be doing? Weight, size, and fuel all come into play.

With so many choices we decided to round up a few of our favorites to help guide and inform your decision:

For Backpacker or Thru-Hikers

Backpacking stoves are designed to be efficient, lightweight and take up little space. Space and weight and where you can re-up your fuel supply are all concerns. Wood burning, chemical, and alcohol are common fuel types but these types of stoves also limit your cooking ability. Many of these stoves only boil water and can also be sensitive to wind.

#1 Backpacking Stove:Vargo Triad XE Multi-Fuel Stove<

Multiple fuel options, all season, extremely lightweight, simple

Vargo Triad Camp Stove

Runner Up: Solo Stove

If fires are allowed, same some space and burn wood!

For Weekend Backpackers

For short trips, you might sacrifice a little weight to have more cooking versatility and pack a canister stove. You also might not be concerned about running out of fuel. These stoves are efficient, can simmer food and have integrated pots and accessories (like a coffee maker!).

#1 Weekend Backpacking Stove: MSR Reactor

Highly efficient, storm-proof, very fast, easy to use

MSR Reactor

Runner Up: Primus Omnifuel Stove

Multiple Fuel Options, Adjustable Flame

For Car Campers

When you have the option to return to basecamp everyday for a home cooked meal a large stove with a higher BTU output is the way to go. Many units have 2-3 burners which allow versatility and can serve groups of people.

#1 Car Camping Stove: Camp Chefs Everest Two-Burner Camp Stove

Easy to use, not too heavy, powerful

Camp Chef Everest Camp Stove

Runner Up: Stansport 2 Burner Propane Stove

More BTU’s than the Everest

There are many options out there. Theses are just a few of our favorites...What are some of yours? 

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