How do you Campkin?

How do you Campkin?

A friend of Kawartha recently went camping with her young daughter and was disappointed in the number of paper towels she used throughout the weekend. We were chatting after her trip and she told us we had to create a napkin for camping, a camping napkin…a Campkin. Something that was versatile, durable, easy to clean and could replace the roll of paper towels she used on that trip.

We took her original idea and expanded on it. Today we are really excited to launch the Kawartha Campkin.

We took the Campkin for a test run at the lake recently and we used it for everything. Cleaning our hands, holding hot pans, and washing and drying dishes were just the tip of the iceberg. We took the Campkin down to the lake and went for a swim. It dried us off perfectly after our dip. It is super lightweight so we used it to protect our neck and shoulders from the sun. It even dusted off our dirty feet before we put our shoes back on.

We are only brushing the surface of what your Campkin can be used for. Pick up a 3-pack for your next camping trip and save yourself a couple rolls of paper towels. We know you won't go camping with out a Campkin again!

Available in 3 colors: Sky Blue, Olive, and Red $14 / each or $36 / 3-pack

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