Introducing the KryoPak Cooler Bags

Introducing the KryoPak Cooler Bags

Today we are pumped to launch what we think is the best soft cooler ever, The Cooler Bags. For many years, in a pinch, we would fill our dry bags with ice and turn them into makeshift coolers. The dry bag cooler worked because it was waterproof and when closed, nothing spilled out. Even in the roughest of situations you never had to worry about a water leak. The only down side was the excessive sweating and lack of insulation did not keep ice. We decided to keep what we loved about dry bag cooler and fix what didn't work.  

The KryoPak uses our Triple Insulation Technology to turn a dry bag into a world class cooler. The exterior of the bag is made from ultra thick 500D PVC mesh material. This gives the KryoPak its durability but in conjunction with the other layers, prevents heat loss. Next, our Thermal Insulation Layer is welded to the inside of the bag stopping heat transfer in its tracks. Finally, the O2 barrier provides a vacuum-like layer of insulation ensuring your drinks and food stay cold all day long.

The padded, adjustable and removable shoulder strap along with a side handle, allow you to easily carry the KryoPak any way that is comfortable. To close the KryoPak, simply roll the top 3+ times then click the buckle. The roll-top allows you to continually shrink the KryoPak as you empty your cooler. Being that the KryoPak is a soft cooler it can change shape and fit into the smallest of places.

For ideal conditions, you will want to roll the top to the base of the insulation. When closed properly the KryoPak will keep your beverages cold all day long. Fill it up with a bag of ice, 12 cans and a couple of snacks. Or brim it with a case of cans and half a bag of ice. 

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